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Surprise your friends

Save money on your Cleverea receipts by inviting your friends and family. Give 10€ and get 10€ for every person you invite. That simple!

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Who have a friend, have a treasure!

Cleverea does not stop growing, thanks to people like you. So we want to thank you.

Invite as many friends as you want to be part of the Cleverea community and you will both benefit, 10 for you and 10 for your friend. Sign up to receive your personal code and share it with all your family, friends and enemies.

What are you waiting for?

How it works

What are you waiting for? Invite your friends and family and start saving at Cleverea. Whenever they use your promotional code, they’ll get a discount of 10€. Once they join Cleverea you’ll also get 10€ for each new member of the family.



Create your account or login to be part of the community

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"Invite a friend" code

As a Cleverea member, you will have a unique code assigned to you

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Share your code

Copy your code and share it to your friends and family

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Your friend uses your code and gets a {{giverValue}}€ discount

Whenever your friends use your code when buying at Cleverea... They'll get a discount of {{giverValue}}€! 😎

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Your credit increases {{receiverValue}}€

Your credit will increase by {{receiverValue}}€ and will be used to discount your next receipts.

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Do you still have questions?

Find your insurance and join the community


Motorbike insurance

Motorbike insurance

Cover yourself with the best coverages: liability, fire, roadside assistance and many more. Create your own pack!

Bike insurance

Bike insurance

Secure any type of bicycle. Roll wild and safe!

eScooter insurance

eScooter insurance

Cover your personal mobility vehicle and ride safe. Just follow your instincts!


FianzaZero™️ for landlords

FianzaZero™️ for landlords

Coverage against unpaid rents, bills and property damages

FianzaZero™️ for tenants

FianzaZero™️ for tenants

Forget about paying a fortune in months of deposit!

Get your deposit back (coming soon)

Get your deposit back (coming soon)

Let no one hold your money, and spend it wherever you want.