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About us

What is Cleverea?

Is Cleverea an insurance company?

Why are you different?


How can I create an account at Cleverea?

Have you forgotten your password?

How can I enable/disable notifications?

How do I check my data or modify it?

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About the policy

Policy renewal

Policy expiration

Policy cancellation


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Payment information

Mobility billing plans

Travel insurance payment


Promo codes

Billing plan



Flights compensations

Movility compensations


What partners can distribute your insurance products?

How can partners distribute your insurance products?

I’m interested in being a distribution partner, how do I reach you?

Motorbike insurance

Motorbike theft insurance

Third party liability coverage

Cobertura de accidentes al conductor

Cobertura de asistencia en viaje

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Personal mobility vehicles

Liability coverage

Drivers accident coverage

Theft coverage

Vehicle damage coverage

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General questions



Digital signature

Why do I have to sign the policy documentation?

What happens if I don't sign the insurance policy?

How long do I have to sign the policy?

Can I print my policy, sign and send it by email / regular mail?

Who signs the insurance contract?

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If my son/daughter rides the motorbike, is he covered?

What is the venal value of the vehicle?

How do I make a claim?

I don't have the physical document of the Accident Friendly Declaration. What should I do?

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